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The Candle Party Lady
My Loyal Customers and Hostesses!!!
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Many people like to know a little about the company behind the products they buy, so I'll use this page to provide more information about my business, it's history, and my TEAM.

Our Business Philosophy

As a Business Success Coach and Candle Party Business Owner, I am dedicated to sell you the highest quality candles and candle accessories, teach you how to properly burn them and care for them, and offer you the opportunity to acquire candles at no cost as a hostess or to enjoy part time work with full time pay as an Independent Consultant with my company!

I have changed many lives positively with the candle business. Not only is the company very secure financally, the parent company is a Billion $$$ company traded on the New York Stock Exchange and we are now in 11 different countries. We have an awesome hostess program and so many consultant incentives it's hard to keep up with them all. This business is very new to Idaho and the North/South Western USA. There are so many people that love candles that have never heard of us before.

So whether you came here to just look, buy, become a hostess or a consultant, enjoy yourself and please book mark it to come back again next month for more fun and some new specials!!!

What can I receive as a HOSTESS???

You receive $25 for each $100 in free product with a minimum of $200 and 1 booking! That's not receive a half priced item for every $200 in sales and Monthly HOSTESS SPECIALS too! Plus you can also receive more free credit for more shows that are booked... My average hostess has $100 in free credit, 2 half priced items, hostess specials and an extra $50 in free product after her bookings close. Christmas for FREE, Bridal showers, fund raisers, and ask me about my Theme Shows (Ugly Candle, Tealight Hunt, Margarita Party, Pool Party etc). My promise to you is a fun and informative party with CandleLight!!! Contact me to secure a date and I will give you an extra Free Gift!!!

Me and my Family! Wishing you a Happy Holidays and Healthy and Happy 2001!!! The Sullivan-Watsons!

A business is only as good as the people who work for it. Here are my biggest fans and myself!

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Tamara Sullivan-Watson (center) with Corey (my husband), Angie, Arynn, and Austyn. My loyal fans and cheering section.